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Alabama running back Trey Sanders, center, runs a drill during fall camp. I think that approach carries over to the players because then they become less outcome-oriented, and they’re more focused on process, they’re more focused on one play at a time, exactly what do I have to do and how do I have to do it, what’s going to help me be successful here, and they’re not looking at the scoreboard like we’ve got to win the game. They’re focusing on one play at a time. We’ve got name, image and likeness now, so players can make money off their fame . There are people who want to see more changes in college sports. To you, what’s the red line? I’m all for the players, but I’m for all players and I’m for all sports. I think there’s a lot of folks out there that see college football — college athletics — as a big business. It’s not really a business; it’s revenue-producing. Wayne paid so much for the Dolphins, he made so much every year, he sold it for a lot more than he bought it for, and that’s business. In college, we revenue produce. We have 21 sports — I don’t know how many hundreds of student-athletes we have on scholarship — and most of those sports create no revenue. But the sports that create revenue make it possible for all of those sports to exist. We reinvest all the resources, all the income, we reinvest in the programs. I hear people say all the time, “Well, you make a lot of money.” Yeah, but I create a lot of value. There’s more money to reinvest because the revenue sports do very, very well, so that helps all of the other sports and all of the other opportunities that are created for all of the other sports. So when it comes to name, image and likeness, I’ve got no problem with that.


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A new study from the Center for International Policy (CIP) and Brown University is shedding light on squandered dollars post-9/11 and how the defense industry may be influencing policy to beef up the military-industrial complex for the next phase of threats. In the wake of the terrorist attacks, the United States put $14 trillion into the military – funding private contractors for security, weapons suppliers and defense companies to rebuild war-torn countries. “Some of these corporations earned profits that are widely considered legitimate. Other profits were the consequence of questionable or corrupt business practices that amount to waste, fraud, abuse, price-gouging or profiteering,” William Hartung, senior adviser at CIP and author of the study wrote. “The Pentagon’s increasing reliance on private contractors in the post-9/11 period raises multiple questions of accountability, transparency, and effectiveness. This is problematic because privatizing key functions can reduce the U.S. military’s control of activities that occur in war zones while increasing risks of waste, fraud and abuse.”         Insight by Verizon: Learn about the progress that the Pentagon is making in finding real value out of 5G and its future across DoD. The Special Inspector General for the Reconstruction of Afghanistan found billions of dollars of waste by corporations in the form of buildings that were never used, faulty equipment, overcharging and more. That’s not to mention acquisition programs outside of wartime spending that the Project on Government Oversight found are going over cost and schedule. Hartung posits that the outsized influence of defense contractors manifested in everything from the Pentagon’s receipt of the lion’s share of the federal discretionary budget to the supply of excess military equipment of state and local law enforcement. “Five companies received over $286 billion in contracts in 2019 and 2020 alone,” Hartung wrote. “From 2001 to 2020 these five firms alone split over $2.1 trillion in Pentagon contracts.” In an interview with Federal News Network, Hartung said “because these firms have almost a near monopoly over the particular lines of production they’re involved in, they influence things like price, performance and the ability to bargain a good deal for taxpayers. This is problematic.” To the Pentagon’s credit, it has been taking major steps to expand its industrial base the past several years as defense contractors have become more insular. DoD is taking note of the innovation happening in other private sectors and trying to bring them into the fold. “Prime contractors were built around a group of approximately three dozen large conglomerate firms with substantial capacities in both advanced civil and military technologies and markets,” Michael here. Griffin, former Defense undersecretary for research and engineering, said in late 2019 as he set up a task force focused on expanding the industrial base. “Microprocessors, high-performance jet engines, space systems and technology, advanced materials, etc., developed in the defense sector ‘trickled down’ into the civil sector.” Today the technologies are taken from a global civilian scale and trickle down to the defense sector. The defense sector is continuing to shrink as the number of prime contractors declined from 30 to five between 1992 and 2007. Griffin feared that defense companies are isolated on a national security “island” while operating a sea of commercial information-driven firms on a global basis.